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Welcome to The Alarm Hub

The Alarm Hub provides a wide range of fire safety services for commercial properties across London, Milton Keynes and Cambridge. We specialise in fire alarm systems, including bespoke systems, which require the level of expertise gained by few.

With over 30 years of combined experience, we are able to provide you with the best possible service from consultancy and fire risk assessments through to design, installation, maintenance, commissioning and project delivery, utilising both open and managed protocol systems. We’re specialists in a wide range of systems, from Autronica through to Ziton.

Our unique approach ensures our clients obtain the fire safety systems they desire, whilst complying with the ever-changing standards and regulations. We provide a service that not only ensures your business complies, but a service with real value with real benefits.

We offer non-biased professional consultancy, technical support and engineering services to all within the fire alarm industry, from end users, facility management companies and alarm companies alike. Our aim is to ensure that your alarm system is no longer just another expense, but a system that serves and protects your business.

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