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5 Step Fire Door Check

Fire doors perform a vital function in a fire: when closed they form a barrier to stop fire and smoke spreading.

We pass fire doors everyday, in our offices, schools, restaurants and shopping centres to name a few, these are often overlooked, but can save lives when installed correctly.

Don’t leave it to someone else to check, follow our 5 Step Fire Door Check to ensure you are safe.

1. Certification

Can you see a label or small plug on the top or side of the fire door? You can use the camera on your phone to act as a mirror to check, if you can see one, great! If not report this to the responsible person in your building.

2. Gaps

Check for gaps around the sides and top of the door, they should be consistently less than 4mm when closed. A good test is use a £1 coin as this is around 3mm. The gap on the bottom of the door may be larger (around 8mm is acceptable). As a rule if you can see light under the door the gap is too big. If the door fits the frame and it not damaged great stuff, if not report. Fire and smoke can travel through gaps and cracks.

3. Seals

Fire Doors are normally fitted with an intumescent strips or smoke seals. Intumescent strips expand if in contact with heat to prevent fire and smoke spreading through the cracks. Check the seals and strips around the door are intact and not damaged.

4. Hinges

Check the hinges are firmly fixed with no broken or missing screws. If the door is not properly secured it is possible the fire door will not stay in position long enough in the event of a fire.

5. Does the Door Close properly?

Open the door halfway and let go… Does it close on its own, does It close firmly into the latch without sticking to the frame or the floor? If not report it!

A fire door is completely useless if it is wedged open or can’t close fully.

Contact us now for more information on fire door inspection and maintenance.



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