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Do you have every fire safety box ticked?

Who do you currently use for your business’s fire safety work? Are you happy with the service you receive? Crucially – is your supplier

* efficient? * experienced?

* 100% focused on you? * quick to respond?

They are? That’s great. But there’s one more vital element you need to factor in. It’s all very well taking on a Fire Safety company that seems to tick all the boxes. But how about that accreditation box? Do they tick that one too? In other words – are they a BAFE accredited company?

What is BAFE?

BAFE stands for British Approved Fire Equipment Company. It’s a national independent register of quality fire safety service providers. BAFE develops schemes to support quality standards for fire protection companies to achieve and become Third Party Certificated. Third-Party Certification is really important.

As an owner or occupier of a commercial building, you’ll already be aware of your legal obligation to protect your staff, visitors, the contents and the building itself (not forgetting yourself). The individual responsible for fire safety (usually you or one of your senior managers) is known as the ‘responsible person’.

So – it’s OK for you to carry out your own Fire Risk Assessment – right? Strictly speaking, yes – that’s right. But are you the best person for the job? How much do you know about identifying every fire risk? How can you be sure that you’ve provided an appropriate assessment according to the law? Think carefully. If you fall short in your Fire Risk Assessment, you could face an unlimited fine or up to two years in prison.

Showing due diligence However, if you have your Fire Risk Assessment ratified by a Third Party, this can be enough to show that you demonstrated due diligence. And this is where BAFE comes in. How can you be sure that the individual or company you asked to provide the Third Party Certification is up to the job? The answer? Checking to ensure they’re BAFE accredited.

What reassurances does BAFE accreditation provide? To become BAFE, registered a company has to be regularly assessed by a UKAS Accredited Certification body.

Is this independent assessment compulsory? No. It’s completely voluntary. This inn itself is a good sign. It means that the provider has used his own money and time to show that they’re skilled experts who are committed to quality.

Be wary of providers who claim that third-party certification isn’t necessary It’s true. There are providers of fire services or equipment who claim that you don’t need third-party certification. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know who is assessing their competency?

Your insurance provider You will certainly find it easier to gain comprehensive and lower-cost insurance cover if you can show your insurers that you’re taking on a BAFE registered service provider.

Who monitors that BAFE is up to scratch? BAFE pools the know-how of fire industry experts to monitor and review their criteria for accreditation. This ensures that the BAFE certification schemes are as up to date as they can be for each specific fire safety service.

Regular compliance monitoring Once BAFE has accredited a provider, their monitoring doesn’t come to an end. Their work is continuous. If a provider's competency comes into question, they immediately investigate, and, if the provider has fallen below the required standard, BAFE will suspend their registration until the shortcomings have been rectified.

Finding a BAFE registered provider near you Anyone can access the BAFE Fire Safety Register, and it’s free. There’s no cost to researching and locating competent providers for your fire safety requirements. So – there’s no excuse for not checking.

Be compliant – be safe

Seeking fire safety provision from a BAFE registered company is not a legal obligation. But would you want to take the risk of dealing with a non-accredited provider? Would you want to risk the welfare of your business, the safety of your employees, your visitors?

Our Fire & Security services At the Alarm Hub, we offer the full range of Fire Protection services;

* Fire Risk Assessment

* Fire Alarm maintenance

* Emergency Callouts

* Fire Alarm Systems – Design, Installation & Commissioning

We’re BAFE accredited for each of these services. We believe passionately in the principles of accreditation. We believe passionately too in fire safety. We’ll be delighted to provide you with a free quote.

So – isn’t it time to talk? Get in touch today –

Contact 0333 335 9982 or email



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