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Why use a BAFE registered company for your Fire Risk Assessment?

1. Independent and unbiased assessment of competency

All BAFE Registered Companies nationwide have been independently and regularly assessed by a UKAS Accredited Certification Body to ensure they are competent to deliver your required service.

2. Quality professionals providing assurance of service excellence

This independent assessment is completely voluntary, meaning a provider's own time and money is used to demonstrate their commitment to quality, showing they are skilled professionals to help meet your requirements.

3. What reason do you have for not choosing a third-party certificated provider?

Reduce the risk - There is now such a wide range of certificated companies that you can refine your choices without loss of competition. There are plenty of providers available who claim third party certification is not necessary, but who is assessing their competency?

4. Evidential Competency

As the person responsible for fire safety, you can see certificated evidence of your chosen provider's competency. Your insurers will be interested in seeing this evidence, especially if you have to make a claim. Request to see and check your provider's third party certification/BAFE Registration Certificate.

5. Confidence you have acted with due diligence

This certificated evidence demonstrates due diligence in sourcing a competent provider to help meet your fire safety obligations.

6. Regular assessments to ensure ongoing competency

BAFE Registered Companies are assessed annually, meaning ongoing assessment of their competency with up to date relevant standards and best working practice.

7. Best representation of quality and service excellence

BAFE scheme criteria for third party certification are monitored and reviewed regularly by BAFE Scheme working groups using industry experts to ensure they are always at the leading edge of the fire protection industry. This means these certification schemes remain the most up to date representation of quality and competency for specific fire safety services.

8. Monitored compliance

BAFE monitor registered companies to ensure they continue to work to the scheme criteria at all times. If for any reason a provider's competency falls into disrepute, this will be investigated and if confirmed, their BAFE registration will be suspended until rectified or terminated

9. Simple to source or verify competent providers near you or nationwide

The BAFE Fire Safety Register is free to access, meaning no additional cost to public or procurement specialists to find or verify evidentially competent providers for your fire safety requirements. What is your excuse not to check?

10. Recommended by Government and Fire and Rescue Services across the UK

It is recommended by Government, from both GOV.UK and GOV.SCOT fire safety guidance, to use third party certificated providers for fire protection services as "an effective means of providing the fullest possible assurances, offering a level of quality, reliability and safety that non-certificated products [and services] may lack" (GOV.UK Fire Safety Guidance Documents). Multiple Fire and Rescue Services across England and Wales recommend this and is strongly encouraged by Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service also stress that a competent person should be used "to enable them to implement the appropriate fire safety measures".

If you require a Fire Risk Assessment for your premises, search for a company registered to BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment (SP205) scheme.



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